I grew up and went to college in Wyoming, and I love any chance to get back there and shoot. After college I lived in Las Vegas for three years, working a restaurant job and eventually transitioning into the real estate world, all while shooting on the weekends. I wasn't very happy at my job- the corporate world is just not my speed. I moved to Phoenix in 2022 to start my photography business full time and to move in with my best friend.
I travel very consistently and feel so, so lucky to call it my 'job', but it never really feels like it is. I just get to hang out with cool people and take photos. I never, EVER thought I would be where I am today. But I am so grateful and I try not to ever take it for granted.

behind the lens

Choose courage over comfort.   •   Do not hide your heart away- risk it.   •   Be the person who connects.   •   Stay open.   •   Grace finds you exactly where you are, but it doesn't leave you where it found you.  •  Expand your sense of the possible. •  Our hearts and bodies are given to us only once.   •   This must be the PLACE.

Words i live by

| Being in front of the camera. I know, hypocrite vibes
| Passive aggressiveness. Speak your mind!
| Being cold. Socks and slippers on 24/7
| Flying (it's getting better)
| People who make my couple's day about themselves (!!!)


| Coffee and Jeopardy in the morning (I record it)
| Jumpsuits. Any and all.
| Extremely dirty gin martinis. Extra olives plz
| Quality time with my people & the dog
| Curling up with a good book and coffee shop jazz on the TV