October 6, 2020

Adeline Jean


This shoot started, imagine this, how a lot of my shoots do- we’re rushing to beat the sun, oh shit I forgot my memory card, wait let me grab a beer- in good company. Adeline was fresh from daycare, Haley and Megan were fresh from work, and I was fresh from the store with some pumpkins and sunflowers to set the mood. We set off to retrieve my memory card (ha ha), and decided to stay at our house to catch as much daylight as possible. Adeline is semi new to the word ‘cheese,’ and she showed it off and rocked a quick porch session while Haley slipped in for a few shots too. To end the day we headed to the backyard for the last twenty minutes of golden hour.

As the sun sank behind the house, Adeline hopped in the Radio Flyer so Grandma could give her a ride. The high from daycare had not quite faded. She played with the pumpkins and the doggy and went down the slide a million times. And as they always do, I watched Mom and Grandma’s eyes following the little’s every steps. Not in the annoying, helicopter parent way, but in the “wow, are you actually my kid/grandkid?” kinda way. And as I always am, I was really grateful I had my camera.

I consider my girlfriends and my sister the greatest loves of my life. My soulmates, my twin flames, whatever you want to call them. I have been blessed to have a biological sister and several other friends-turned-sisters that I get to walk through life with (mostly me trailing behind and following in their well-planned footsteps). My point is, I am not a newbie to love. Giving and receiving love, almost TOO intensely, is what matters most to me in life. It’s kind of an annoying quality of mine 🙂 But what I witness between these three generations- mom, baby, and grandma- I have yet to give or receive. And in witnessing them I know that the greatest love I will see in my lifetime is ahead of me. Thanks, you three, for giving me a little something to look forward to.


Cowboy boots- a girl after my own heart.

Cowboy boots- a girl after my own heart.


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