February 15, 2021

Giffgrove Engagement

It’s Valentine’s Day- a day fitting to reflect on this shoot. Considering these two are the epitome of a rom-com, there are no better people for me to flap my jaws about on this fine Sunday.

I first took photos of Leena and Cole in January of 2020. There was talk (strictly on my end and very wishful) of me one day doing their engagements as well. When Cole proposed in October last year, I twiddled my thumbs for WEEKS while they SELFISHLY contemplated hiring me or not. Finally I conned them into letting me do their wedding and the rest is history.

We headed to Bonnie Springs on the perfect winter day to document Leena and Cole deciding on forever. With a little help with some Screwball and Spotify’s Top 100 Country Songs, they quickly made my job very easy. I have always said that my couples make me pretty much obsolete. They could train a monkey to press the shutter, do their thing, and save a shitload of money. HOWEVER, they chose me this time around. They laughed and danced and loved and I did my best to encapsulate their emotions.

I have a unique perspective on ~love~. It is abundant in my life, staggeringly so. However, romantic love is a different story. If you know me, you know that I love fiercely. If you know that about me you would also know that I’ve spent most of my life single. Not alone, just single. Which I would never change- the best relationships in my life, including my relationship with myself- have been built in the last six years. The reason I say my perspective is unique is this: I have no comparison for your love. The love that I witness from behind my camera is uncharted territory to me. What some may consider an everyday kinda thing takes my breath away in a shock-and-awe kind of way. I am so appreciative of every couple. Every person that chooses someone else, for right now and then forever. I am so thankful of the example that they set. The BAR that they set. So to Leena and Cole- thank you for setting the bar way past the moon and the stars. Strive for a love like this, people! It’s out there, and I have proof.