January 21, 2022

It’s a Girl!!!

Last week I made the short trip out to Vegas to shoot the gender reveal for my good friends Katy and Ryan. I’ve known them a little over a year, but in that short time I spent a lot of time dog sitting for them… they’re jet-setters in the realest sense of the word, traveling at least once a month, so their home felt like my second home. They’ve been so good to me, so it was extremely special they trusted me to capture some family photos and the big reveal for their first kiddo.

The Las Vegas skyline framed them as they found out they’re going to be #girldad and #girlmom. Although the smoke bombs did throw us all for a loop when they started out looking a little blue… Their closest friends and family were all in attendance, and they ended the night with margaritas (virgin for Katy) and fajitas.

There’s a lot of love in this group. This little girl is already so lucky. When she makes her appearance in July it will be to two truly stellar parents, and I am so happy to be around to document the beginning of their journey as a family of three.