January 25, 2023

New Year

Wow!! What a year. 2022 rang in the start of my business as my full time gig. Crazy how time flies. There were so many ups and downs— more ups, thank goodness— and now I’m into year two. And ready to photograph so many more stories this year, with a new perspective to offer.

In 2022 I fell in love. With many things. With Phoenix, my new home, with my best friend’s dog, with the Kelvin white balance setting, with extremely dirty gin martinis, with Brené Brown, with TSA Precheck, with choosing courage over comfort, with giving my couples a safe space to be themselves, and with my partner. This depth of love I feel I didn’t know existed… and now I can give that all to my couples. I continue to learn how I can better represent every person that steps in front of my camera with the more I learn about myself. This thing I do is really important to me. It makes me happy, yes, but it brings joy to so many people than just those I encounter on shoot days.

I look forward to creating so much more in 2023 and years to come. So thank you to everyone that made 2022 so unexpectedly carefree, and those that are trusting me with themselves in the next year. I feel full and ready to create with all of you